Hello! This is clevrs

A company turning ideas into beautiful things.

About Us

clevrs is a jar of drink that can lift your spirits. We are a crazy team of professionals with a passion for creating and enhancing digital experiences. And clevrs is our setup area, where we meet every day with great enthusiasm to work together, learn from each other and come up with innovative digital solutions. clevrs runs its operations with the philosophy - "work is much more fun than fun".

We combine powerful technologies, stunning visuals, and innovative strategies in our projects that create a real impact on customers. Our divergent client lists empower us with a broad knowledge-base that solves every obstacle impending our way. We work with clients as our partners and end user experience is always our focus. Our expertise and experience allow us to offer integrated digital solutions in parallel with design, content, technology and marketing. This avenue helps our client businesses to evolve and get measurable results in an ever-changing world.

We have garnered success for our client's businesses with our best skills in web design, development and application development. At the end of the day, we are here to show you what success looks like.

Our Story

The journey of clevrs is about our ability to face failure and start again, this time more intelligently.



Started in Bhavnagar with the team of 25



Invested time in learning new business lessons from past failures



Refreshing kick start @ Ahmedabad



we are provide service clients from US, UK, Europe, Africa, Canada in various domains like Fin-Tech, Marketing, Hospitality, Education & so on…..