Hygiene-related practices of women are of considerable important.


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Woman go through many process and it is a normal physiological process to the females but sometimes they are considered as unclean phenomenon in the society such as Menstruation and Vaginal discharge. There is difference in prior awareness about menstruation and menstrual hygiene among rural and urban adolescent girls.

In Rural areas and small cities in our country still people have orthodox mentality, one of reason is lack of education, they follow the culture where women are not allowed to talk about female body processes openly as they consider it shameful due to this women face lots of healthcare crises and it is a global issue.

Our Product gives insight into users’ practices and experiences of Menstruation cycle and its tracking, Pregnancy and Vaginal discharge. The results provides information for health care. period-tracking and describe opportunities for patient-doctor interactions as well as for further development Vaginal Discharge, symptoms of Vaginal Discharge, treatment of Vaginal Discharge.


Track your period, period days, flow intensity & mood swings.

Track your period start and end date with the period calendar feature.

Analyze your current menstrual cycle, past cycles and menstruation flow with the period tracker.

Regularly log other symptoms and mood swings to get improved period predictions.

See where you are in your pregnancy and countdown to baby

Track your appointments, notes, pregnancy milestones (like baby’s first kick!) and bump photos in our app

Track Symptoms and stage of your vaginal discharge on one go with our app


Isolation of the menstruating girls and restrictions being imposed on them in the family, have reinforced a negative attitude towards this phenomenon. There is a substantial lacuna in the knowledge about menstruation among adolescent girls. Although menstruation is a natural process, it is linked with several misconceptions and practices. Hygiene-related practices of women during menstruation are of considerable importance, as it has a health impact in terms of increased vulnerability to reproductive tract infections (RTI). Good hygienic practices such as the use of sanitary pads and adequate washing of the genital area are essential during menstruation.

Also, in rural area people consider home birth, you need to be clued up about the potential downsides to them as well. There are drawback /disadvantages of choosing to birth at home as they do not having access to any medical facility, equipments. You may have to be transferred to hospital if your labour doesn’t progress or there are any complications. Risk of injury to mother or baby if there is a medical emergency.